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Crystal Green Energy Corporation

What is it? How does it work?

Crystal Green Energy has designed and created a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Module, which we call a Solar Optic Module (SOM) along with a system for a flawless integration into your home. From our Modules, you’ll get electrical AND thermal energy and the system to process and store the energy that you harness.

  • Quantum-Dot Triple Junction Cells
  • Luminosity Lens
  • Heat Exchanger / Cooling Plates
  • Dual Axis Sun Tracking System
  • Smart Controller Charging System
  • Battery Storage System
  • Thermal Storage System


What makes our Solar Optic Module so unique?

We’re not your typical solar panel nor are we in the same realm as the
other Concentrated Photovoltaic Panels (CPV).


  • Solar Electricity and Solar Thermal in one unit
  • Two types of energy, 1 controller
  • 4 cells per parabolic mirror
  • High Amperage and Low Voltage for quicker charging capabilities
  • Crystal Green Energy Battery Storage Systems
  • No trickle charging required
  • Integrated Systems
  • Dual Axis Sun Tracking