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Crystal Green Energy Corporation

Who We Are & What We Do

Crystal Green Energy Corporation is an emerging green technology company developing novel High Concentration Photovoltaic Thermal (HCPVT) systems. More specifically, we are currently developing Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Modules for residential and commercial applications.
  Our Solar Optic Module System is like no other on the market today. Using our patent pending Luminosity Lens, we concentrate the Sun’s rays on an extremely compact (1×1.1sq.m) module, and we can deliver a one two punch, over 700W CHP per module with the versatility of variable heat flow to help decrease your domestic hot water or heating/cooling system costs. Our Solar Optic Module System uses state-of-the-art quantum dot triple junction photovoltaic cells to increase our cell efficiency rates up to 40% (more than double the efficiencies of existing flat panel technology). Add to this already formidable technology group, a powerful dual-axis rotator and tracker to follow The Sun with a 99.5 (+/- 0.5) degrees of accuracy for optimum energy capture and you’ve got one of the best systems in the solar industry. Managing all this technology and creating maximum efficiency is our Smart Controller Charging System which will direct both our energy outputs to an industry leading battery storage system and to our thermal storage system.

Our company is in the pre-order stages, so feel free to contact us and get more information at


As a promise to you, our future green customers, we will be “Harnessing the Sun Today, For A Greener Earth Tomorrow”.


Meet Our Team

Gilles Leduc

Co-Founder /Electro-mechanical Advisor
Email: gilles@crystalgreenenergy.com

Gilles has a professional background in pumps, heating and cooling systems, and representative of a manufacture of building automation and controls and thermal and electrical instrumentation dynamics. He has hands on experience with commercial/ industrial projects in Mining, Forestry, and commercial buildings. Invariably, he has countless hours troubleshooting all installed systems and equipment with contractors and engineering companies to assist and co-ordinate proper start-ups that meet manufacturing guidelines and industry standards. For the past 20 years, Gilles has been interested in solar power and has a passion for being self-sufficient while being green-minded. He’s received training in the solar energy field and combining his passion for solar and his diverse knowledge and experience in electro-mechanical systems it has resulted in CGE’s optical patented designs. During this learning experience, Gilles has developed extensive knowledge of optics and optical systems in partner with Malik. Gilles is committed and dedicated to evolving his concepts into reality so everyone can have the opportunity to have a green-impact and become more self-sufficient.

James Delsaut

Lead contact for marketing, legal, patents, finance/funding and relations
Email: james@crystalgreenenergy.com

James originally obtained a professional degree in Pharmacy.in 1987. Throughout the years he has owned, operated and managed two successful pharmacies and has gained his skill sets from corporate employment in upper management supervision roles, College Council experience in marketing, public relations and professional self- governance (through committee participation/chair), several seminar presentations and speaking engagements and involvement in various other non-related business investments. James has been an avid supporter of green energy for many years, always forward thinking, he decided with Gilles to co-found Crystal Green Energy realizing that they could make a change in the world. James has dedicated his knowledge base towards applications within the solar industry and will help guide our leading edge technology into the future.

Malik Amjad

Lead Optical, Design and Manufacture Engineer Expert
Email: info@crystalgreenenergy.com

Malik Amjad has over 29 years of experience in the optics industry, having worked in the aerospace, defense, commercial and display businesses. He began his career as an optical design engineer at Honeywell Inc., and subsequently joined Eastman Kodak, where he honed his lens design skills under the tutelage of Mr. Lee Estelle, and then going on to work on Space Systems at ITT Aerospace. Expert in the design of optical systems and assembly and testing techniques, Mr. Amjad is able to come up with state of the art functional and manufacturable opto-mechanical designs quickly and consistently. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Optics from the University of Rochester.

Since joining our team, Malik has been instrumental in the design process of our novel patent pending technologies. His creative and analytical approach has evolved our ideas into more powerful, efficient and versatile realities. Malik shares our vision that Crystal Green Energy will change the way we utilize the Sun and that we will have a very bright future creating innovations for the world.