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Crystal Green Energy Corporation

Crystal Green Energy’s Solar Optic Module (SOM) Solar System can be scaled for commercial usage.

Use our System to power your business, supply domestic hot water, commercial boiler applications and cooling applications..

Some applications can be:

Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Do you own an electric vehicle or an electric vehicle charging station? Why pull power from the grid when you can use renewable energy, an even better way to reduce your carbon foot print!

Greenhouse Applications

Be “Green” and use CGE’s SOMs to produce electricity to run lights and irrigation systems and use the thermal energy to keep the greenhouse at a suitable temperature.

Commercial Buildings

Use SOMs to power your commercial buildings or in your processes. Save on your operational energy costs of heating, cooling and electricity. Emergency lighting and other necessities can run on battery back up if there is a power failure.

Energy Saving

Cool & Heat simultaneous draw provides the energy that is more than 5 times (max. 8 times) higher than the input energy. C.O.P > 5 (8 max.)

There are so many other commercial/industrial applications. Do you require electricity? Do you require hot water/cooling/thermal energy? Crystal Green Energy could have the solution for YOU!

Contact Us about your application needs.