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Residential Use

While we don’t recommend going completely off the grid in a residential situation, there are options to make the most of solar.

  • Grid-Tie (a.k.a Net Metering)
  • Load Displacement
  • Back-Up

Grid Tie

Our smart controllers are programmed to handle Grid-Tie Situations. When participating in a grid tie (Net Metering), our smart controller charging system seamlessly manages the solar energy you produce to top up your battery or allow energy consumption within your home or if there is still excess electricity available, the controller directs the unused electricity from your module into the grid for credit back from the utility company (Net Metering). Grid-Tie would require a contract with your local service provider and additional certifications (check your local jurisdiction) are required to participate in the program.

Load Displacement

Should you choose that Grid-Tie isn’t something you want, the system will Load Displace the electricity. The module will charge the batteries and once the batteries are fully charge, the excess power will power the needs of your home. Any excess electricity you do not use, remains as potential energy to convert when needed just like the utility company’s electricity that comes in from your electric panel and outlets.


Our CHP modules give our customers peace of mind. When there is a grid or power failure, the battery back-up system kicks on to provide electricity to the essentials (not including 240V appliances). You’ll never notice when the power goes off again: no missing the alarm clock, no stumbling in the dark.

Cottage Use

For cottages or remote homes, the CHP Solar Optic Module Solar System is the perfect heat and power solution.

  • “The Camper” – For the hunt camp or small camp. One Module with 300+ Watts will keep the lights on, music going and hot water for a quick shower or dishes. No more hassle of boiling water for dishes.
  • “The Cottager” – For something a little more sophisticated, Two Modules with 600+ Watts of electrical is sure to keep the party going.
  • “The Muskoka” – Power your lakefront home with ease. For full-time off grid homes, Four Solar Optic Modules, our “QUAD”,  provides 1.2kW of electrical. Allowing you to power your appliances (not including 240V appliances), lights, pumps and to live comfortably without utility service. Our high amperage system will allow for quick charging and load displacement to power your cottage or remote home