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KISS Principal – “Keep It Simple Stupid”


KISS Principal – “Keep It Simple Stupid”

I like simple and simple is what we should do.

What we have that makes it simple is applying the latest technology.

Why make one when you can make four in one process move. Our lens have four quadrants four time the power in one process; a very highly reflective material 98.5% and light weight (2.0 ounces per lens that measures 13 inches square )

Did I mention 56.69 grams per lens yes I did …32.5 cm x 32.5 cm for the metric folks

Our design incorporates a quad CPC (Winston Cone) to concentrate all the suns energy +500 suns concentration.


The CPC improves color mixing as seen above. Specifically, our lens allows a triple junction cell to capture ALL the potential sun’s energy … no matter what wavelength “colour” strikes it because our concentrator creates a uniform even pattern covering all the cell’s surface area that “mixes” the colours together so that each level of cell can convert that colour wavelength into energy. Therefore much more efficient and it doesn’t rely on a hit or miss focal point that doesn’t cover the whole cell surface area.

Our Quad quantum triple junction cell design optimization using proprietary quantum materials giving us + 40 % efficiencies that is placed just under the Quad CPC.Put 4 of them together on a sub straight we got more power and cost less to manufacture.
Power and More
Let’s talk about wasted heat .No we do not waste. Did your parents tell you not to waste?
Our system has a unique and simple heat exchanger that pulls the heat away from the concentrated sun that powers the quantum triple junction cell that gives us thermal power BTU/HR. That my friend, gives us a Combine Heat Power unit (CHP) all from the sun.


Wow I just given you a clean energy solution that the whole world is talking about and asking the question how can we be less dependent on fossil fuel.

The Solar Optical Module is placed on a frame with the sun tracking system and the X Y rotator the SOM Module produces clean carbon free energy.