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What we have in store in the near Future


What we have in store in the near Future

On each bill and the customer can be charged $50.00 a month even if they turn off the power. With the flat fee delivery charge and taxes, the home owner will not be saving money.

The home owner needs to use their power wisely and follow time of use with the smart meter since they are charging 3 rates. High in the day time 10 am till 4 pm, medium 7 am to 10am & 4 pm to 7 pm and low rates 7 pm to 7 am. Pricing cost is per Kw/hr.

By using solar and generating their own power, the home owner can then offset their electric bill by signing up to net metering and selling the excess power back to the grid when the rate is high during the day .
The home owner can even hook up a Battery storage system that can work as a backup system if the grid fails or a loss of power occurs from bad weather or a natural disaster. The combination solar with backup battery storage can save the day and save you money by preventing the spoiling food that is in your fridge or freezer… don’t forget adding lights, having a microwave to heat food and the most important…having a heating system.
The advantage of having a battery storage system is that it can also be used in the morning and evening when the demand and cost for electricity is high for the home owner and you use your OWN FREE energy instead of paying for it.

The most benefit you get on using our Solar Optical Module is that it tracks the sun over the whole day and the +40% efficient cells give you more power for your buck…Plus thermal energy!