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Success in Tucson

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Success in Tucson

Crystal Green Energy Corporation has landed in Tucson, Arizona. We have a sneak peak of the assembled 2 SOM system with tracking system and thermal system installed.

We are currently testing our unit in the Sun at the Arizona Centre for Innovation @ the UA Tech Park.

It has been 5 years for Research and Development on our System using the latest technology available to drive the technology of solar innovation forward.


There are four unique attributes about our Solar Optic Modules (SOMs) that makes our product so innovative:

  1. Our lightweight mirrors are made of a 98% reflective material. By using this material, more of the light is reflected and concentrated onto our Concentrated PV (CPV)Cells and less is absorbed by the mirror.
  2. Our QuadCell Design incorporates 4 Concentrated PV Cells on to one substrate. This is revolutionary in the Solar world where there is usually one mirror, one cell and one substrate. Crystal Green Energy and the University of Sherbrooke  will be presenting this technology at CPV-12 in Freiburg, Germany at the end of April.
  3. Using Dual Axis Tracking is a must when it comes to concentrated systems. This allows our system to follow the sun allowing direct contact with the sun for maximum performance all day long.
  4. Since we have a concentrated system, the concentration of the sun provides a large amount of thermal to the cells, without dissipating that thermal, it would burn the cells. By incorporating a thermal loop in the system we are able to take the heat away from the cells and turn it in to hot water for the end user.

Our Combined Heat and Power Panel (CHP) is evolving and changing the way we think about solar. There are so many applications for electrical and thermal energy, the possibilities are endless.

Harnessing the Sun Today… for a Greener Earth Tomorrow