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Below you can find an explanation to words and terminology used throughout our site.

PV (Photovoltaic)

Photovoltaic cells are specialized semiconductor diodes that can convert any or all of visible light, UV and IR energy of the sun into direct current. Utilizing silicon or other materials like Gallium Arsenide, flat pieces of them are created with a positive layer and a negative layer. When the sun shines down, the cells absorb photons (little particles of solar energy from the sun)and when enough photons are absorbed by the negative layer, electrons are released from the negative layer and travel to the positive layer, creating a voltage differential. When the cells are connected to a load, the electrons flow through that circuit creating electricity.

CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic)

Using the same concept as a photovoltaic cell, except that the sunlight captured from a given area is focused onto the smaller area of the cell making it concentrated.

CHP (Combined heat and Power)

Crystal Green Energy's Solar Optic Module creates both heat and power in one product. It uses concentrated photovoltaics to produce electricity and a specialized heat exchanger to capture the waste heat by-product of thermal energy for the consumer to use.


The light intensity on a solar cell is called the number of suns where 1 Sun corresponds to a standard illumination of 1000W/m2. (which is the typical incident power from the sun that reaches sea-level.)


The actual amount of sunlight on a specific geolographical area. (At Sea-level the insolation is 1000 W/m2).