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Crystal Green Energy Corporation


We started with a simple idea.

Our modules are made with high quality materials embedded with the latest technology and innovations. We deliver a unique design, unheard of performance and benefits for all to use. Our very compact module is only  1.0m x 1.1m and will be able to provide 324W of electrical power plus 1.5 times more in extra thermal energy making it extremely efficient.  View our comparison chart of our Combined Heat and Power Modules versus a typical flat panel.

Our System


Our System includes the thermal storage tank, electrical storage and our smart control panel which includes the inverters, sub-panels and controllers required for a plug and play system. Our specially designed control unit is required because of our high amperage application. Our control system is also programmable to your needs: net metering, load displacement and back-up system. Our controller is also programmed to save you energy costs of the more expensive on-peak electricity by using stored battery energy to power your home during those set times. If your panels are low and cannot sustain a power failure, the batteries will pull energy at a lower cost during the night to charge up to an amount to be able to sustain in case of a power outage. Our system will not only provide a financial value but also added value of peace of mind. Don’t worry about any heat loss or spoiled food in a power outage. You’re covered.

Electrical Storage

We have chosen a special type of battery that is able to handle high amperage for a quicker charge. Crystal Green Energy’s batteries are also recyclable when it’s time to buy new ones, where as lithium ion batteries are non-recyclable and the used battery components have carcinogenic properties to them. Larger lithium ion batteries often require constant cooling and temperature monitoring to ensure safety, not a typical concern for CGE charging.  Our battery systems can be charged within a day or less versus numerous days with the typical trickle charge-type deep cycle batteries and low amperage flat panels.